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About us

Finding Inspiration, Love, and a Company from one of my Biggest Fear…A Dog


Growing up I never had the understanding of what it meant to truly love an animal and accept one as part of the family. I never had a pet and I was frankly terrified of dogs. 

Fast forward to 2005 and to my happy household where I was blessed with a wonderful husband and three beautiful children. It was Christmastime and my 16-year-old daughter, Jessica, knew this was her last shot at every getting a dog before she was off to college. I was not prepared to go through with my daughter’s request of purchasing one of those furry, slobbery dogs that would only add to my stress. I mean, what do I do with a dog? The problem was…I have a bit of a weakness for my children. I want to make them happy. This is when I broke one of my golden rules…owning a dog.

One of my clients’ had a Shih Tzu that I thought I could tolerate. So, off to the breeder and upon our arrival at her home we walked through the door to the kitchen where the dogs were resting. After pointing to the dog that I thought had a nice color balanced fur coat. The breeder immediately handed me this tiny thing that was less than 2 pounds, brown, red, black, and white. This little dog with her big brown eyes looked me straight in the eye and started licking me as if to say “Lady…I am going to get you wrapped around my little paw.”

Christmas Eve arrived and it was Jessica’s turn to open her present. I sat there, with a feeling of pure anxiety and fear as she looked at the picture of the dog that we would soon have under our roof. After her first glance, she threw it on the ground with anger and started crying as she said, “this is not a funny joke.” Watching this display I then also started crying and said, “Jessica this was not a joke…we are getting a dog.”

Before picking up our new pet, Chloe, Jessica and I had agreed that if this dog was a problem and she was not taking care of it, the dog would be gone. Jessica agreed whole-heartedly with a smile that went from ear to ear. We took the long drive to pick up what Jessica kept calling “the new member of the family” which just baffled me to no end.

We took her home and watched her prance around as if she owned the place.  When evening came Jessica quickly proceeded to put her into her crate while I contemplated why I had done this to myself. Tossing and turning, I woke up the next morning to a puppy covered in a damp moisture with an ashamed look on her face. I for some reason had a pain of guilt in my heart. I begged Jessica to stay home from school but to no avail would she even consider missing school. So, we spent the day together, I learned how to bathe her to her liking and she learned what not to bite. I decided to take her into the kitchen to acquaint her with where she would be having her breakfast just for this one day only…ya right.

It’s now been 9 years and it turns out the hardest gift I gave my daughter became one of the greatest gifts of my life. I have become a better person for opening my home and heart to this beautiful creature who has taught me so much more about life and how to live it through pure and unconditional love. She has inspired me to create and launch a brand that’s main focus is to comfort the pets that we have come to accept as a member of the family: Pampered Pets.

Since the launch of Pampered Pets, I have seen my business grow by customers who have that same love and concern for their pet’s comfort. Pets also prefer our brand simply because we focus on quality, high standards, and personal detail to what creates a happier and healthier pet. Our products include:

– Beautiful handmade Dog/Cat Beds and blankets (throws), perfect for households that value a product’s design, style and color

– Crate Mats to enhance comfort and peace for your pet

– Car Seats to provide safety and luxury to better the driving experience

For more information on pet safety visit: http://bit.ly/1dQCysP 

With a background in Interior Design and Feng Shui, I know the importance of comfort through quality. Every product is treated with the same attention, detail and love for a household that demands the best for their pet.